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Grow Monitoring and Control

Access real-time data, action and respond to incoming measurements, control and collect key grow data.

Helping you to keep track of all the details of your grow setup or farm with the power of IoT.


IoT Platform.

Connect devices to our platform and read measurements from your grow or farm setup. Our API can handle custom hardware setups, or we can help you get the right device for your farm and grow operations. We also sell IoT devices configured on our network for real-time accuracy and analytics.

Actionable measurements


Monitoring and measurements are great solutions but isn't usefull if it cannot be actioned. Our platform reviews each measurement against the grow profile and pushes out actioanble tasks for your workers or devices.


Manage Risks


Cultivai helps you analyse and manage potential risk factors with point-in-time response data views and fast response times to minimise loss.

Highly configurable Measurements


Measure ANYTHING! Yes, ANYTHING. We know a farm is not just made up of temperature or humidity measurements, but a wide array of operational measurements that can be taken. Thus we built our platform in such a way that you can specify what measurements your devices are tracking. Storage levels, worker location, proximity, its up to you.