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Crop Management

Manage your Crops from seed to harvest

Cultivai come equipped with a range of tools that helps you make sure you make the most of your Grow.


Save money
by Keeping Track of your Running and Capital Costs.

Digitally transform your grow and farming operations to save you money. Harvest to income conversions, Inventory to Expenditure all in one Journal. Multi-currency ledger that easily exports to Excel or PDF for simple, farm focussed accounting.

Powerful and Smart Cost Conversions.


Make sure everything is accounted for. Keep track of all costs expenditure and income in real time with asset tracking and cost conversions. Calculate and estimate harvests and track market prices.


Inventory and Asset Management


Plants are a farmer's most valuable asset, Cultivai helps you keep track of your assets and equipment to make sure you and your workers keep track of which itmes are used when and where.



We know that most of the time you may not be at a computer to manage your farm operations, that is why we are building a mobile first dashboard with powerful PDF and excel export features to help you take your farm from the digital to the real world seamlessly.