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Cultivation Profiles

Store, Version and Action your Grow and Crop Cultivation knowledge.

Helping you to keep track of all the details of your grow setup or farm.


Save Time with
with Automated Schedules and Tasks.

Digitally transform your grow and farming operations to save you time so you do not have worry about always needing to be on premises. With automated schedules and tasks your workforce can be up to date with all their daily objectives. As a Farmer you can monitor any action or task.

Store Important Crop and Grow knowledge.


Agriculture trade secrets, experience and knowledge can now be kept safe on Cultivai. The knowledge can be actioned and linked to IoT or manual measurements. The Digitization of your experience ensures that you not only store the information for future generations, but can also help you improve on your cultivation and grow practices.


Version your Crops


Create multiple versions of a crop or cultivar, and track/measure its performance based on measurement data, yield and quality. To achieve the best or optimised crops on the market.

Track or trigger disease or crop failure parameters


Create alerts and triggers for your workforce or IoT devices to check for disease, crop failure or general day-to-day measurement parameters.


Provision, Export
or Integrate


Cultivai functions as a standalone platform, however you can export your profiles, and cycles into Pdf or Excel or get an API-integration for your existing software solution.