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Track Harvest,

Save Time and

Retain Crop Knowledge

Cultivation, Farm Management and IoT Monitoring Solutions for Indoor, Tunnel and Greenhouse Farms

Cultivation Profiles Created:


Save time using Grow Profiles

  • Fully Customizable Grow Setup
  • Store and Action Important Grow Configurations
  • Execute, accurate per-cycle Tasks and reminders.
  • Easily Version grow profiles for Grow setup Adjustments and Improvements.
  • Convenient Cloud-based Platform With Access From Any Device

Farm Management on-the-go for every Grow

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Smart Tasks to keep track of Grow
  • Harvest and Yield Estimation
  • Accounting and ERP Tools and Plug-ins.

Gain any data you need
with ease

  • Put Data From Any Third Party Device
  • Real-Time Data for Fast Response
  • Simple and Affordable Solution
  • Manual Sampling functionality for every farm setup
  • Flexible, User defined measurements.

An integrated App
to help you farm less.

Control your crop data and manage devices in one place. Cultivai can be accessed from any device anywhere. Benefit from instant notifications, smart dashboards and predictive analysis.